Days of High School

Ok, well these are a few stories I wrote back in high school. Yes, they're very cheezy, and probally not really worth reading. But you came here, so you must be very bored. Well, these will cure that! *G* At the very least, you'll something to talk about around the water cooler in the morning. *EG*

  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation
    This was written at in the first meeting of my junior Honors English course. We had to write a page or so of how we spent our summer vacation, with a twist: it could be fact or fiction. And as i was really into sci-fi and Star Trek then, it came out funny fiction.

  • The Night the Raindeer Landed
    A little goofy Christmas story i did with a friend in it. Actually, it as an idea i came up with for her to write about, but she didn't want to. So i did. *G*

  • The Very First Rainbow
    In my Humanities class, when we studied myths and legends, we were asked to write one of our own. So that's where this one came from.

  • Back to the Ark