Konichiwa minna-san!
Quatre: In other words, Welcome!
Duo: They know what it means Quatre!
Quatre: Maybe not everyone!
All right you two! *takes her keyboard back* Anyhoo, welcome to the new Anime Farm! Formally known as Dubird's Anime Links, it's now a little page in it's own right. Sorta.
Quatre: You can find all your anime resources here, as well as our favorite shows.
Well, mine anyways.
Heero: As long as you don't have any Duo shrines listed.
Duo: *big grin* Yeah, there are a lot aren't there?
Heero: *glares at Duo*
Duo: Ummm...I think I'll go stand...over there. Yeah. Sounds good! *edges behind Du*
*shakes head* If I may continue? *G* This page is just mostly a collection of links to my favorite sites. I realized with the last incarnation that I suck at writing synopsis. So you'll just have to the best you can!
Dubird #3: Each section has a little info about the show, so you at least know what's going on!
Right, and I have a collection of just random fun stuff I've collected about anime in general. So look around and enjoy the show!


Various Fun Stuff

General Anime Links

Have a link you want to share? Do I have a broken link? Then tell me so!

Gundam Wing Ranma 1/2
Blue Seed Sailor Moon
Tenchi Muyo! Ronin Warriors
The Slayers Sorcerer Hunters
Macross Plus Trigun

Neon Genesis Evangelion



Anime Network



Anime Web Turnpike

Planet Anime

Anime Genesis