What can I say about Evangelion? Awesome, cool, JAMF....well you get the picture! *G* The series is set in the year 2015, 15 years after the Angeles atack Tokyo. The Angeles are back, and three children are chosen to pilot the Evas, bio-mecinoid suits, to fight them. I've only seen the first 8 episodes so far, and i'm hooked! It's got everything: great characters, awesome action scenes, and great humor. Defintaly worth finding and seeing!
Josh and Becky's Evangalion Page
A really nicely done fan site with all kinds of goodies.


Nice summarys and a wonderful image gallery

The Art Gallery of Evangelion

Definatly worth seeing!!

Cruel Angel's Labyrinth: Evangelion
PACKED with all kinds of Evangelion stuff. Including manga!

Neon Genesis Evangelion 2000

A really beautiful page with some nice download.

Evangelion Revelation

A beautiful site, but major spoliers!!