Ok, so you've seen the intro dramas, now meet the people behind them! Starring:

Dubird as Dubird! The head honcho of the Ark, i'm responisble for keeping tabs on all these yahoos...As well as all the graphics, the HTML, and the text....Well, you get the idea!
Duo Maxwell as Duo! The fun loving guy of our little family, Duo can always be counted on to liven things up....If i can ever keep him away from my keyboard!!
Quatre Raberba Winner as Quatre! The nice guy! We all love him! ~how could you not?~ And, frankly, we'd all kill each other without his calming influence!
Dubird #2 as Dubird #2! One of my more *ahem* lively personalities, Dubird #2 is ruthless, conniving, mischevious, and downright onry! But, what can i do? Things just wouldn't be the same without her! *rolls eyes*
Dubird #3 as Dubird #3! My much nicer personality, Dubird #3 can always be counted on to smooth things over with something goes wrong. Just don't play a board game with her! She will squash you like a bug!
Vash the Stampede as Vash! This doughnut-loving goofball is a new member to the crew. He helps me keep Duo and line, and is a great guy to have around!
And introducing William Shatner as The Beav!