Well, considering it's kinda hard to load Javascript into this scroller, i'm not going to put the little goofy stuff in. If you desperatly want to see them, click here. Otherwise, scroll down for some various things you might enjoy playing with!

Interactive Games!

  • Battleship!
    A nice Javascript version of the orignal Battleship game. Loads of fun!

  • Break Out
    Keep the ball bouncing and try to clear all the blocks off the board. Requires great concentration!

  • Concentration
    Classic memory game. Lots of fun!

  • Dots
    Connect the dots one line at a time and try to get more boxes than the computer!

  • Falcon Fighther
    A great little action game that's absolutly amazing! Check it out!

  • Peg
    Jump pegs to try to clear the board of ever peg but one. Very addictive!

  • Rocket Blaster
    Drop missles on rockets to explode them. Takes practice, but worth it!

  • Towers of Hanoi
    Move the disks one at a time to a new post. Hard, but addictive!

    Little Extras

  • My Coloring Book
    Just a little something for the kiddies!

  • Poetry!
    Not mine certinaly! But a collection of a few of my favorites.

  • The Watcher
    A little story i did quite a few years ago, but one i'm still proud of. Check it out!

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