Wow! You're linking to my page? I feel so special now! *prepaires acceptance speech*

Vash: *ahem*

Oh. Sorry! Anyhoo, you can use a text like if your heart is set on it, but i've also got some banners below that you can use to look cool like all your friends.

Duo: *rolls eyes* What she means is, she would rather you use the banners.

Well, yeah. But i was trying to say it nicer than that! *grrr* Anyhoo, feel free to contact me and telling me you're linking me so that i can return the favor.

Quatre: And don't forget to download these to your own computer! Because otherwise they won't load!
Duo: Yeah, and frankly, these are much better pics the the red X.

*rolls eyes* Anyhoo, link to for now, and thanx again!