Well, i'll assume everyone is here because you really want an award for your work on your webpage....don't we all?....well that's why this is here...so if you want to win this award....~to be given out whenever i feel like it~...*winks*...here's what you have to do:

1: Your page can be basicly anything in content...I'm not that picky....but if you have ''adult'' sites, there
must be a warning before you can get into it!
2: You must fill out the form below with your web page addy to enter...otherwise, how can i find your page?
3: You have to give me time to look at it!....being in classes all the time does tend to cut into my free time....*G*....

That's it!...easy isn't it?....*L*....well....if you do win my award, your name will be added ~in chrological order~ to my Hall of Fame below....where more people can goto your page and enjoy all the hard work you've put into it!...so good luck!....oh and sometimes i do just wander around the net looking for great pages....so you may end up here anyways....so keep your fingers crossed!....

Anime fans: If you have a cool anime site, I've got a new anime award to give out! Just follow the link....

I've decided to kinda personalize any awards i give out now....so if you have won an award from me and i haven't given you a new one, contact me ok?....i've noticed most of the sites i had below have not put their award up, so they've been taken off....if you are one of these people, email me ok?....i'll send you a new award and put you back up....ja!....

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Why should I give you an award? Be persuasive!

Beautful Loser's Lair
A lovely lady with lots of neat stuff!
Rob-E's Page O Stuff
A guy definatly in love with his Isuzu. He's also got some hilarious links!
The Offical Nuff Nuff Page of the Big Zero
I'm just giving her this award b/c her page indicates she's a very cres type person...*G*...
Ceridwen the Black
Here's my latest winner, a sweet lady with a cool page and lots of dragons!
Hobbez's Anime and More Humor Stuff!
This girl's site is funny!! Definatly worth checking out!
Nicola Vicki - Vicki Site
A totally kawaii fan page! ~not for me unfortunatly~ -_^;
Upon the Silver Star
A site with really cute graphics. Loverly!