Allrighty....this is just about the coolest series around! Not only does it have a great story and awesome machines....

Duo: Did you mention cute guys yet? *smile and wink*

*rolls eyes* Sure. Whatever you say. Aside from that, I was also going to say it has some really neat charcaters.

Duo: You spelled that wrong.

I know I did! I always spell things wrong!

Dubird #2: that's because you never payed attention when they were doing spelling right?!?...
Duo: *LOL

*stuffs Dubird #2 in a sack* Stupid multiple personalities.....Where was I? Oh yeah, I remember now. Below you'll find some really nice GW sites, as well as my own little gallery.

Update Dec. 18: holy mackerl!!....check out all these links!....hehehehe.....

Endless Dedication - A Tribute to Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing - Dormitory L7

Loss of Innocence

Lets Hear It for the Boys

Domain of Duo...Where else can you find Duo?

Duo's Garage

Death by Gundam

Gundam HQ The Tallgeese Wing Gundam

GundamOffical.Com Jessi's Gundam Wing Tribute Anime-LAH's Duo Maxwell Shrine
Duo Maxwell: God of Death Wings of Angels { - an egg of gundam wing - }

My own little invention. Now, if you have a favorite character, you can find a shrine dedicated to him/her! Not done yet, but i'm getting there!