well i had an idea strike me the other day when i was looking through some of my old papers 'n stuff.....i came across a poem i had to write about me, and i though it would be cool to see what others could come up with...here's the example:

Thoughtful, carefree, intelligent, happy
Relative of my family
Lover of books, stars, and nightfall
Who feels love, laughter, companionship, and contentment
Who needs friendship, rainbows, old T.V. shows and family
Who fears crowds, public speaking, failure, and death
Who gives laughter, time, friendship and a listening ear
Who would like to see the stars, Europe, and the future
Resident of my own world

you start with your first name on the top line....the next line are four words you would use to describe yourself.....the third line is who you are related to....line 4 is three things you love....line 5 is 4 things you feel....line 6 in 4 things you need....line 7 is 4 things you fear...line 8 is 4 things you give.....line 9 is 3 things you want to see in life.....line 10 is where you live....and the last line is your last name.....you set it up in the format above....and here's the results!!

Domino's lil'one:

arrogant, lovable, curious, impish
sis to those i love
loves books, her Master, and the Astros
who feels safe, loved, warm, confuzzed
who needs love, freedom, choices, direction
who fears her temper, anger, betrayal, pain
who gives love, laughter, friendship, and huggerethessers
who wants to see true happiness, truth in all things, and her duck pond in Alabamba
who lives in her own world
~unlisted and unpublished~

~here's her other one~

Who is impish, impetuous, subversive, sensitive
Who is related to all through the Universal Spirit
Who loves children, the sound of laughter, and kisses
Who feels confuzzed, warm, helpless, and safe
Who needs people who really care, time to accomplish and see all the beautiful things in life, to be centered, to feel loved and cherished
Who fears silences, ignorance, not being able to express myself, being alone
Who gives kisses, smiles, huggerethessers, time
Who wants to see peals of laughter coming from the lips of her own children one day, the look of love in Shane's eyes, a scrapbook filled with happy memories the day she dies
Who lives in a world where there is violence and hatred, happiness and love


My kids, Vanilla Ice cream, Life
Hard stuff....squishy stuff, soft stuff, aaaaandd....hot stuff *eg*
My kids love..Sex...food...hairspray...
Losing my kids love...Spiders, 'puter breaking, natural disasters
Headaches...love, shoulder to cry on, friendship
My grandchildren, my own business, a man pregnant


Dominant, artist, musician, free spirit
One of the names on the Declaration of Independance
My ~trisha, art, life
Tired, over-worked, left out
love, attention, security, patience/understanding
(ok, so that's five not four, what of it?)
being left out, bridges, sharp objects near My head, losing control
time, love, companionship
A shuttle launch, My name in the credits of a film, people enjoying My art
Southwest of Buffalo, NY


silly, loving, worrisome, flirtaious
I am related and relate to all living things (well most)
I love my children, sunrises, and ice cream in bed
I feel inadequate at times, unworthy of love, lucky and compassionate
I need laughter and pity pat kisses, long hot baths and time alone
I am afraid of spiders, of letting people down..of not being the best mother I can be, of losing my mother
I give laughter, and love, eskimo kisses and tickles at bedtime
I would love to see my children grown, the world, and I would love to see my father one last time
I live in a state of confusion

~Opal Essence~:

Pleasant, Bard, Mischevious and Poetical
Sir Walter Raleigh is the man
From writing, baking and making love upon the sand
Soft caresses, warm hearts, deep and abiding souls, and a passionate kiss
For a love given as felt, twinkle in my eye, warm arms to hold me, and a state of bliss
To chase away the sadness, emptiness, sorrow and loneliness
Warm smiles, tickling laughter, enriching words of olde and all the love in my heart
To watch my children find a love of their own, the standing stones on Lewis, and a love to ne'er part
In my mind where the breaths are mists o'er lochs and sea
Tis the Essence


playful, reverant, caring, wistful
relatives are dead and gone
Geoff, my cats, my life, my friends
I feel warm, necessary, charmed and blessed
I need unconditional love, security, flowers (never roses), the dance
I fear terrorism, wars, global warming...and wasps
I freely give, my heart, my soul, my time, my life for a friend
3 things I want, no hunger, no death, just peace
I live in Y/your hearts


warm, proud, more then meets the eye, sensual
Related to a bunch of wonderful people, but glad there is a distance between them and me;-P
(Sometimes anyway..~smile~)
My children, a tender touch, Michael :)(now that was easy:))
I feel sadness, fear, love and hope
I need stability, a strong man with a gentle hand, laughter, ummm,..errr.. sex
I fear violence, the tears of my children, a look of disappointment in the eyes of the ones I love most, my mind
I give good hea...ohhh..opps..~blushing~;-P
I give ALL I have and can give....Isn't that more then four things??:-)('cause I got a LOT of junk..~wink~)
I want to see the eyes of a certain someone when he says he loves me:), my mother giving a smile that comes from the heart, the future....
Texas..~bleck~..but only cause I have to...
Not the one I want it to be.....


I am Vibrant, Open-Minded, Out-Going and Forgiving....
I might be related to the Conners!! (Roseanne, Dan, their 3 kids in working-class poor household? BUT, I DO NOT have a plaid sofa! NO!) haha! Well.. Ummm... sister IS Jackie, no? (got Y/ya wonderin'?)
I love Being With My Children, Childrens Laughter and Candlelight....
I feel Loved By My Children, Proud Of My Childrens Accomplishments, Somewhat *gets a bit pessimistic here* Inadequate/ Undeserving, and Often Disapointed In Societies (and People In General) Responses....
I need Affection, Excitement, To Make My Own Mistakes and to Make A Difference in Anothers Life....
I fear for My Childrens Health/Safety, That I'll Give Up Hope, Most Confrontations and Never Realizing My Dreams ...
I'll give Support, Compliments, Hugs (with doggie smoochies WHEN APPROPRIATE! *L*) and Energy....
I really desire to see my childrens lives unfold...Milestones, Y/you know? 1. graduation 2. wedding 3. children of their own (and IN that order, ya HEAR!??!Ha!! I didnt do so for MY parents, unfortunately)
I live In A Glass House (I wont cast stones! I'm vulnerable as well!!)
{Last name omitted...unless I use the ol' "family" *winkwink* name CONNER...ROTFL}


William Lee...{who?}...*grin*
My children, my dog, life
unconditional love,patience,understanding, friends
my children, my dog, Italy
New Orleans


Related to Mankind
Lover of Children,Friends,Music
Who feels, Others pain,Intense love,Joy,Lonleyness
Who needs,Attention,cuddeling,humor,Intelligent conversation
Who fears,Being alone,hypodermic needles,hurting friends,and Silence
Who gives, Laughter,A loving touch,friendship,honesty
Who would like to see,Grandchildren,My wife at 80,A smile
Part time resident of reality


Gorgeous, Brilliant, vivacious, modest
Anything Good and Pure
God, family, me
L'il's Boobies, Lisa's brains, Opal's essence, my cha cha
Curly's hooters, battery charger, monitor's password, lavoris
The Dungeon, Tangee Devil, Mikes's 14 incher *grin*, Druids
Head, Headache, Heartache, Love
L'il's Boobies, an intelligent non talking man, peace, midgets who don't talk back
none of your bees knees


liberal, short, angelic~grins~
passionate, outspoken, Greek,
German, Norweigan, proud,
loving, loyal, athletic,
socialist, bordering on insane, heh heh
just, karmic, agnostic, stubborn,
prone to outburst of PMS proportions~pops a Midol~
talkative, nonconformist, liberated,
feminine, strong, blessed.

Wow!....man this was really fun seeing how everyone looks at themselves...*G*....i'll keep an eye out for other things for ya'll to do....*G*....

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