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Welcome! Ok, so I don't remember the old intro, and I can't find the disk this was on. But, most of this is pretty much the same. If I ever find the backup, I'll replace it, but for now, enjoy the jokes!

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    And what jokes page would be complete without Monty Python!



    Monty Python's Completly Usless Web Site

    Things to look out for while watching the movie The Lost World:

    --You can see Spielberg's reflection in the TV

    --In the Blockbuster video store, you can see ads for fake movies like:
    --Robin Williams in Jack and the Beanstalk
    --Arnold Schwarzenegger in King Lear
    --Tom Hanks in Tsunami Sunrise.

    --In San Diego look for the "No Dinosaurs, Skating, Skateboarding" sign.

    --The guy in the San Diego scene that runs up to a window and then is eaten by the T-rex is the screenwriter David Koepp {in the credits he's listed as the "Unlucky Bastard"}.