This as you may have realized is the infamous "dubird"....*G*....now you all know what the heck i'm talking about!...*L*....

Welcome one and all!....I want to thank all you lovely people for taking time out of your busy days to cruse my little home on the web!...Ok...now that the plesentarys are over....*G*....feel free to look around....go places....peek in doors ~don't forget to knock first!~....just remember: You break, You buy!....*L*....So come on in...wipe your feet....and have fun!....

Oh, and this is for Lisa: i know half this page is misspelled....but i like it....so live with it!....*LOL*.....wink!

Sept 18, 2002: Well, i finally did it. I put this back up in the oldest form i had in existence. ^_^; Now, you should know that most of the friends links and links on the Other places page may not work. That's b/c they're two years old. o.O But i only put this page up for just a bit of fun. A bit of nostalga if you will. Plus, if people only have this addy and are looking for me, they still can. I always try to do that. The internal links should all work fine, so enjoy your trip down memory lane, and if you get the urge to check out my true site, head over to dubird.net. Have fun!



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A growing collection of jokes, lists, and puns. ~i moved all the really good jokes and stuff here!~

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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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Friendship is very important to me....So here's links to my friends across the net!

Lots of Friends!

A really Cool Chatplace!


Do you like sci-fi stories?....If so check this story out....It's one i wrote about 2 years ago....and even though it's kinda corny...i'm kinda proud of it....Don't forget to tell me what you think of it!...

The Watcher


So you want to know about me eh?....TOO BAD!!....*L*...j/k...here's the link if you really really REALLY want to know something about me!




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